Game Diary - July 3, 2008: Snake Withdrawal

*I finished "Metal Gear Solid 4," last night, as the game screeched just behind "Snake Eater" as my favorite in the series. Maybe if they shaved the game's final hour instead of going out Peter-Jackson-"Return of the King" style it would have pulled ahead. Still, the game looked and played really well, and I'm happy to have seen the apparent conclusion to the legend of Solid Snake.

Ranking the acts from favorite to least favorite: Act I, Act 4, Act 2, Act 5, Act 3.

Animals rewards I obtained:

Hyena - Title awarded to soldiers who worked diligently to procure items on the battlefield

Pig - Title awarded to ravenous soldiers with a hunger for health items

Cow - Title awarded to soldiers spotted by the enemy an exceedingly high number of times

Leopard - Title awarded to dedicated soldiers who rarely took lethal action, but were frequently spotted and killed.

Brainstorm: would anyone agree that Kojima Productions could do an amazing job making episodic games? Each act of "MGS4" stands on its own. Each has a distinct setting, tells a satisfyingly complete chapter and introduces new gameplay elements and styles. I'd buy "MGS" episodes of these sizes. Anyone else?

*I also played a little bit of "Super Stardust HD" yesterday, earning my first PS3 Trophy, a bronze (ding!). I got that 2.40 firmware before Sony yanked it.

*I did miss writing my diary yesterday. For shame!

Next: "Battlefield: Bad Company" gets a test run this weekend. And a preview build of "Pixel Junk Eden" pulls me back to my PS3 debug, guaranteed.