'Diablo III' Fans Start Petition To Keep New, Colorful Art Direction

Yesterday we reported why Blizzard decided to alter the dark art style of the "Diablo" franchise and how this angered so many fans that they started a petition against the new, colorful world of "Diablo III."

However, other fans were angry that a petition was even made to ask Blizzard to change what they had done. So what did they do? They started a petition. Well, two of them, actually.

One petition says that the new art direction is "stylish," "a breath of fresh air" and allows the game "to stand out from the crowd of brown and grey games, or 'realistic' (e.g. boring) looking games." The other simply states, "Diablo III looks like an absolutely amazing game and the colours should NOT be changed. You're doing a wonderful job. Keep up the great work."

These sentiments echo some of the comments made on our blog -- how the color is a natural progression of the game's evolution and story (with the three Prime Evils dead and gone), and how ultimately, gamers should trust Blizzard to make a great game. So far there are about 1,000 signatures total on both petitions. Who do you think will win?