Celebrating 'Independence Day' With Will Smith And An 11-Year-Old PlayStation Game

"Welcome to Earth!"

That's easily my favorite line from the movie "Independence Day." It's a cheesy summer sci-fi flick, but that's exactly why it's so close to my heart. I've seen it far too many times.

With a hotly anticipated three-day-weekend upon us, it seems like the perfect time to pop out the recently released Blu-ray version of "Independence Day" and the video game adaptation released by now-defunct publisher Fox Interactive.

Yes, I actually paid money to buy this 11-year-old original PlayStation game.

No, it's not fun to play.

Almost anything in three dimensions from the 32-bit era has trouble holding up these days. "Independene Day" is no different. It's simply painful to look at, and it doesn't even support analog stick control! Channeling my inner Will Smith, I have to save the planet using only the d-pad. It's a little painful.

The gameplay is typical of farmed-out licensed games from that day and age; a dreadfully below average action flight simulator with seemingly no draw distance whatsoever. It took me more than 30 minutes just to beat the first level. I'd wanted to beat the entire game, but I just couldn't handle it.

There are clips from the movie on the disc, as well, but for whatever reason, none of the actors are featured in them.

That's not the worst part, either! I must not have read the description on eBay carefully enough; the only reason I wanted "Independence Day" was for collector's sake, but the box didn't come. All I have is the disc.

Ah well. I can't complain too much; the auction itself was less than $5. The shipping cost more than the game itself. I'll just have to track down another copy. You have to wonder, though, who exactly is selling these games on eBay. When your asking price is only a dollar or two, what's the motivation?

Well…considering I bought a copy, maybe I've answered my own question.