I'm Moving -- Time To Throw Away Some Games

I'm a pack rat. I don't like throwing things away.

But recently, I've started to wonder why I keep some of the games I own up on the shelf. I just moved into a new apartment this week, and it seemed appropriate to start thinning up my game collection.

"Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter," "Blinx 2," "Okage: Shadow King," "Whiplash," "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," "Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2," "NCAA Football 07," "Madden NFL 06," "Shadowrun" and "Transformers" are all getting pitched.

I don't even like football, yet I've somehow kept two football games. Sheesh.

"Okage" might end up staying -- the art's cool! Even though I know I'll never play it.

I receive a number of games for free, but pack-ratting means I keep many of them, regardless of interest. Gamers, do you keep every game you ever buy?