Sell Me On 'Chrono Trigger' In 50 Words, Please

Today Square-Enix announced that SNES role-playing game "Chrono Trigger" is coming to the Nintendo DS. Lots of people got happy. I just got reminded of one of my gaming blindspots. I never played "Chrono Trigger," even though I heard it was important.

So, the same way I asked readers to once help explain the glory of "Final Fantasy VII" to me, I now ask -- in 50 words or less -- for someone to explain why "Chrono Trigger" is so fantastic.

To help everyone out, these are the Japanese RPGs I've really liked: "Paper Mario 64," "Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga," "The World Ends With You," "Suikoden V," any "Fire Emblem." And these are the ones I really haven't liked: "Final Fantasy X," "Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga," "Super Mario RPG."

So... why should I share in the excitement about "Chrono Trigger"? Fifty words max, please. The only prize is the satisfaction of convincing me.