Game Diary - July 1, 2008: Do Not Run With Your PSP

Not Made For Running*Last night, for the second time in my life, I went for a run with a gaming system in my hand. The first time I did that was to test whether I could successfully play an audio-only game while jogging with a Game Boy Micro. (I could!) Yesterday, with my iPod Nano on the fritz because of contact with rainwater, I had to use my PSP to supply me my running tunes.

Multiple problems ensued:

1) I only had managed to transfer podcasts onto my PSP before packing my running stuff in the morning, so I had to try to hit my 4 miles in under 30 minutes while listening to people talking. 1UpYours is good, but it's not that good. My final 10 minutes were a struggle of mental motivation.

2) I'm a soft-case PSP user, which keeps my system more compact for convenient commuting. Unfortunately, my softcase is made of fabric and stuffing that makes for a sweaty hand while carrying it during a run.

3) The PSP is a tad larger than the iPod Nano. I felt like I was running a football in for a touchdown.

*Also last night, I reached what must be the final boss battle of "Metal Gear Solid 4." Pretty dramatic stuff.

Next: Not sure I'll have time to finish "MGS4" tonight. I might be in for a game-free evening. But I do hope to try some co-op "Too Human" before my next diary entry.