New 'Harry Potter' Hints At Wii Bartending Game Possibilities

Ever wonder how well Harry Potter would do if he had to take a job as a bartender? I'd say, pretty well if he based his training on his upcoming game for the Wii.

At a recent demo of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," the new Wii title based on the upcoming movie, one of the key game features I was shown was potion mixing. The player mixes potions in a motion-sensitive mini-game. The potions you can make are needed to complete certain tasks throughout the main story.

The mechanics for potion creation were intuitive, and along the lines of what you would do when cooking in real life, if you were mixing almost any recipe. For example, if you need Harry to pour in a certain amount of armadillo bile, you angle and "pour" with the Wii controller. If the recipe in the game calls you to cool the liquid, you "fan the flames" with both the Wii controller and nunchuck. "The Half-Blood Prince" offers a range of different movements that require the player to be precise and stead in their actions, lest they be penalized for over-pouring or mixing the wrong item, the result of which is a big puff of smoke.

The control scheme motions got me thinking about other games that might benefit from this type of gameplay, and one thing game to mind immediately - mixology, otherwise known as the art of making drinks. "Cooking Mama" has had the kitchen skills covered for a few years now, but no one has gone near the bar, and this could be the perfect way to breach that. Use the pouring motions to mix a Cape Codder perfectly and you can move on to more difficult drinks like Long Island Iced Teas. The better margarita you make, the more points you get on your road to being an international bartending superstar.

Nintendo has released recipe books for the DS in Japan, perhaps they could take that idea, mix in a dash of "Brain Training," and then combine those with Harry's potion mixing, and create a whole new genre of bartending sims. Of course, they would have to finish it off with an "M" rating.