'Diablo' Fans: Do You Prefer Witch Doctor or Necromancer?

This post was originally published on July 1 but was temporarily removed because of technical issues with our commenting system.

One thing that fans of the "Diablo" franchise love is the various character classes they can choose from to play (and re-play) the game. At the Blizzard event in Paris over the weekend, the company announced "Diablo III" along with a brand-new character class, the Witch Doctor.

The Witch Doctor uses ancient tribal magic with the ability to summon minions and use curses, like scaring enemies away and building a wall of zombies for protection. All of these abilities are very similar to those of the beloved Necromancer class featured in "Diablo II." Aside from the melee warrior class the Barbarian (also in "Diablo II") no other classes have been announced at this time.

I asked lead producer Keith Lee one of our readers' burning questions: Is the Witch Doctor the new Necromancer?

He said: "We have five distinct character classes... Ultimately, for 'Diablo III,' we want to focus on great replayability, an awesome epic storyline and five really cool heroes that you'd be excited to play. And I think that one of the things that might be hard is the fact that we might have to give up a few character classes that people loved in 'Diablo I' and Diablo 'II.' But we're at the point right now that we are still considering the balance of the game and trying to see what other three characters we want to work on. Those will be revealed in due time."

What other three classes would you like to see? What do you think about the Witch Doctor possibly replacing the Necromancer? If you played "Diablo II," does it really matter to you?