'Diablo III' Producer Plays Down 'Too Human' Comparisons

How similar are "Too Human" and "Diablo III"? Before fans of either series hurl harsh words at us, bear in mind that we didn't make the comparison first. Both recent and early impressions of Silicon Knights' "Too Human" have said that the upcoming Xbox 360 title's loot, skill tree and combat systems are similar to that of past "Diablo" titles. Some previews even proclaimed that "Too Human" is "Diablo III" before the Blizzard game was even announced.

While in Paris this past weekend, I asked "Diablo III" lead producer Keith Lee what his reaction was to these comparisons to "Too Human."

He denied having heard much about it:

"I haven't heard much about other games being similar to 'Diablo III,' but what I can say is that no other company can make 'Diablo' the way we do, and I think you'll be very excited to see it get released. I don't really know too much about the other games that are being compared with 'Diablo.'"

I haven't had a chance to play the most recent build of "Too Human" (though Stephen Totilo has). Now that "Diablo III" is official, what do you think? Is "Too Human" trying to fill "Diablo"'s shoes on consoles? Could it be better than "Diablo III"? Or is there no comparison?