Game Diary - June 30, 2008: So Much Snake

'Metal Gear Solid 4'*I spent the past weekend playing several hours of "Too Human," but that's public knowledge already.

*I spent about 10 hours playing lots of "Metal Gear Solid 4," a game of startlingly distinct chapters. Could the people who made Act 3 really be the same people who made Act 4 (which I now think of as the fan-service act)? I just fought a major battle in Act 5 and assume I'm near the end. Looking forward to seeing how this wraps up.

*I spent some time trying "Guitar Hero: On Tour" while doing laundry on Sunday. I appreciate what the developers have accomplished, but I just don't feel like the kind of physicality required to strum the DS and feel in rhythm with the music is what I want out of a handheld game. Maybe it'll grow on me?

*I tried a little bit of "Soul Bubbles," a mellow DS game that reminded me of the never-released-in-the-U.S. "Kururin" games. Instead of guiding an electrified stick through a maze, "Soul Bubbles" asks the player to use the stylus to "blow" a bubble through a maze, breaking the bubble and mending it to fit through narrow passages and past enemies. (Thank goodness there haven't been a lot of Huff n Puff controls so far). So far, so good with that one. Though the fourth "Harry Potter" is going to be taking over my subway rides I think. Time to read!

Next: If I'm lucky, Snake's mission ends tonight. But first I need to go for a run.