'Rock Band 2' Coming To Xbox 360 In September, Other Platforms Later

'Rock Band'MTV Games announced this morning that "Rock Band 2" will be debuting on the Xbox 360 this September. The Associated Press added that the game will be hitting PS2, PS3 and the Wii by the end of the year. The big news, so far, is that the sequel will work more with its predecessor than many gamers may have expected.

From my MTV News story:

According to a press release from MTV Games, "Rock Band 2" will initially be released exclusively on the Xbox 360 this September and will be fully compatible with the original instruments, as well as the more than 100 songs that were available to download for the first "Rock Band." Like the first, the game will be developed by the MTV-owned Harmonix games studio.

This "Rock Band" sequel is a departure from recent music game sequels and spin-offs, including entries in the competing "Guitar Hero" franchise, which do not always sync up to the originals. For example, the new "Guitar Hero: Aerosmith" coming out this week does not work with downloadable content marked for "Guitar Hero III," according to a report on gaming blog Joystiq.

"Rock Band 2" comes from MTV Games, of course. But, no, that doesn't mean that we already have a copy here at the MTV Multiplayer blog. The rest of my piece is at MTVNews.com.