How I Failed To Successfully Pitch 'Lego: Transformers - The Game'

Lego MegatronWould you play "Lego: Transformers - The Game"?

It doesn't exist. As far as I know it's not planned. And I may bear part of the blame, because last week I kind of pitched the game to the guy who runs the company that makes Lego games.

And he wasn't feeling it.

I started by pointing out a weakness in the "Lego: Indiana Jones" game.

This was a conversation between me and Jonathan Smith, head of Traveller's Tales, the company that develops the Lego titles. We mostly were talking about the upcoming "Lego: Batman" game, but that part of our chat has to wait until E3.

As I'm sure happens in every conversation Smith has with a reporter, our talk turned to what other Lego games TT might make. And I suggested Transformers.

"How would you do it?" he asked, giving me cart blanche to sell him on the concept.

Well, I said, you'd take advantage of the wide cast of Transformers characters and put them in the format started by "Lego: Star Wars." There are plenty of Transformers for gamers to control and swap, certainly more characters in the pantheon than there were for "Lego: Indiana Jones."

I said TT could have all sorts of fun letting the characters transform to get through the levels. You have the existing good mix of character and vehicle stuff in the Lego games, so there's a blueprint there.

"Sounds like you just want a good Transformers game," Smith replied. I wasn't selling him on the need to give it the Lego treatment.

Ah, but transformation could be the next great Lego gameplay twist, I said.

He reminded me that the Lego games already allow you to swap character's heads and bodies and make your own Darth-Vader-headed, Han-Solo-bodied hero. I said you could do the same with Transformers. Put Optimus Prime's legs under Soundwave's body and then see what that transforms into. (I think that's the combo I suggested, but hopefully not. A tractor-trailer-tapedeck is kind of dumb.)

At this point, I think I lost Smith. Opportunity failed. Do I get a pass because I had a cold when I was talking to him? Or could I have not sold him on that concept even if I was at full strength?

(Image from TechEBlog)