Help Us Name The Greatest Video Game Cat

Even though Multiplayer editor Stephen Totilo tried to torture his own cat with "Wii Fit," we here at MTV really do love our feline friends.

That's why we're continuing our year-long quest to find the Greatest Animal in the History of Video Games with the nominees for the greatest video game cat. The feline champion, decided at the end of the month by our panel of judges and readers, will go on to the final round among the other categories later this year.

And as always, we ask readers to write in their votes for their favorites as well as ones we've missed for consideration. First up...


In the 1983 Atari 8-bit/PC game, the player controls an alley cat who must perform tasks within humans' homes, like getting into the fishbowl and avoiding sleeping dogs.

Aslan in "The Chronicles of Narnia" Series

In the games based on the films based on the books, players fight for the future of fantasy land Narnia alongside the legendary, Christ-like lion.

Big the Cat in the "Sonic the Hedgehog" Series

A large purple cat, Big is a dim-witted fisherman who lives in a hut in the Mystic Ruins with his best friend Froggy.

Blanca in the "Animal Crossing" Series

A white cat with no face, Blanca asks the player to draw her a new face every time you meet her, as she tends to wash it off in the bathroom.

Blaze in the "Sonic the Hedgehog" Series

Princess and the defender of the Sol Emeralds, Blaze can manipulate fire and turn herself into a fiery tornado that burns enemies to a crisp.

Blinx of the "Blinx: The Timesweeper" Series

Blinx the Time Sweeper must save the world against Time Monsters (natch) by using his magical, time-controlling vacuum cleaner, the TS-1000.

Bubsy of the "Bubsy" Series

Once touted as "the next Sonic the Hedgehog," Bubsy is an anthropomorphic bobcat who jumped and glided his way through platform-style games.

Cait Sith in the "Final Fantasy" Series

Used as a spy by Reeve Tuesti, Cait Sith is a talking robotic cat that rides on the back of a stuffed Moogle who he orders around with a megaphone.

Captain Nathaniel Joseph Claw in "Claw"

The world's most famous cat pirate escapes his Cocker-Spaniard captors and sets out to collect the Amulet of Nine Lives, an artifact that gives its bearer near-immortality.

The Cat in the Hat

In the game based on the Mike Myers film, players take the role of the mischievous feline as he uses his handy umbrella to capture random Seussian creatures.

Cat O' Nine Tails in "Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest"

A blue cat with nine tails, the cleverly named feline would spin around wildly, using his extra appendages to send the Kongs soaring into the sky.

Catbat in "Wario Land 4"

The guardian of the Sapphire Passage, Catbat is a big purple cat with a bat protruding from his head. His bat appendage conveniently allows him to fly in the air.


You can play the feline fatale in the "Prince of Persia"-style movie game or a much blockier version of her in "Lego Batman" this fall.

The Cheetamen

Considered some of the worst NES games ever made, "Cheetamen" and "Cheetamen II" featured three genetically-engineered humanoid cheetahs named Apollo, Aries and Hercules who battle their creator, a mad scientist named Dr. Morbis.

Constable Neyla in the "Sly 2: Band of Thieves"

A white tiger with a whip for a weapon, Constable Neyla was known for double-crossing everyone she came into contact with.

Eek! The Cat

The game based on the cartoon had players control the title character, a purple cat named Eek! whose worst enemy was Sharky The Sharkdog.

Evil the Cat in the "Earthworm Jim" Series

The embodiment of evil (hence the name), Evil rules over the fiery, craggy Planet Heck and goes after Jim in order to obtain his super suit.

Felicia in "Darkstalkers"

In the 2D fighting game series, Felicia is a human with cat-like features (white fur, paws and a tail) whose special moves include an ability to summon other catgirls to help her.

Felix the Cat

Based on the cartoon character, the game has players controlling Felix as he attempts to rescue his girlfriend Kitty from an evil professor.


The obese, orange, lasagna-eating cat has been featured in numerous video games, from a never-released Atari 2600 prototype to last year's "Garfield Gets Real" for the Wii and DS.

Jeane in "No More Heroes"

In between massive bloodbaths, lead character Travis Touchdown can go to his apartment and play with his pet cat Jeane, who may on occasion get stuck on the ceiling fan.

Juliette in "Fur Fighters"

Juliette is a short-fused, French feline who prefers to fight alone but stays among the anthropomorphic animal group in order to rescue her family.

Katrina in the "Animal Crossing" Series

A fortune teller in the form of a panther, Katrina will give the player a cryptic fortune that is either good or bad. She also will remove the ill effects of a bad fortune... for a price.

Katt in "Breath of Fire 2"

Half-cat, half-girl, Katt is a fierce and feisty fighter who has the ability to break obstructing objects (like pesky rocks) and becomes part of protagonist Ryu's party after he saves her from an assassination attempt.

Katt Monroe in the "Star Fox" Series

The feline fighter shows up to help the Star Fox team while totally crushing on one Falco Lombardi.

Kay in "Legend of Kay"

Young cat warrior Kay must use his martial arts skills to save his fellow felines from evil gorillas and rats who have taken over his village.

Lynx in "Chrono Cross"

When a teenage boy named Serge struggles between two parallel worlds, Lynx sets his sights on apprehending him for good.

Mao in "Shadow Hearts: From The New World"

A giant talking cat who longs to be a movie star, Mao's love of alcohol fuels her Drunken Fist-style of fighting.

Mithra in the "Final Fantasy" Series

Among the five playable races in "Final Fantasy XI" are the Mithra, a type of cat-like humanoids who are known for their dexterity but not so much for their tact.

Myau in "Phantasy Star"

Protagonist Alis Landale meets her first companion, a talking musk cat named Myau, in a pet store. Myau's mission is to rescue his pal Odin who has been turned to stone by Medusa.

Pokecats in the "Pokemon" Universe

There are too many to name individually, but we trust our readers and judges can choose their favorites among Meowth, Snorlax, Persian, Mewtwo, Mew, Espeon, Delcatty, Shinx, Luxio, Luxray, Glameow, Purugly...

Rajan in "Sly 2: Band of Thieves"

An arrogant, short-tempered tiger from Calcutta, Rajan sold spices on the black market and provided his illegal goods to the Klaww gang.


We're not sure what a Lombax is, but it's cat-like enough for us. Ratchet is a Lombax mechanic who often saves the galaxy from evil-doers with the help of unique gadgets and gizmos and his robot pal Clank.

Red XIII in the "Final Fantasy" Series"

Also known by his real name Nanaki, Red XIII is a powerful, longevous lion with red fur and a fiery tail. He learns his true heritage and proves to be a valuable asset to Cloud's party in "Final Fantasy VII."

Rover in the "Animal Crossing" Series

Despite his name, Rover is a actually cat who travels around the world. He helps the player with his/her appearance and lodging at the start of "Animal Crossing."

The Saber Cats in "World of Warcraft"

Sabers cats are large, tiger-like animals used as mounts mainly by Night Elves. They come in a variety of different colors and are loyal to their masters.

Spitz in the "WarioWare" Series

Alongside dog developer Dribble, Spitz is a large yellow cabbie cat who wears goggles and speaks with a Bronx accent.

Tango in the "Mega Man" Series

A robotic cat, Tango can turn into a buzzsaw to slice and dice any bad guys who get in its way.


In the game based on the popular '80s cartoon, players hack-n-slashed their way as the ThunderCats in order to defeat Mumm-Ra and his evil forces.

Tom in "Tom and Jerry"

With his pesky mouse partner Jerry, the clumsy cartoon cat has starred in a number of video games in a variety of platforms and genres.


An SD-style, anthropomorphic cat, Toro is also known as Sony Cat in Japan. He has starred in several of his own games, including his latest title on the PS3 "Mainichi Issho" ("Everyday Together"), where he hosts a talk show/game show.

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

Thought to be the world's last Tasmanian tiger, Ty learns that he can use his trusty boomerang skills to find the five mystic talismans and rescue his family.

Uriko in the "Bloody Roar" Series

Kidnapped as a child and used for an experiment in creating beast soldiers, Uriko has the the power to transform into a cat.

The Vah Shir in "EverQuest"

One of the 16 playable races, the Vah Shir are a feline race from Luclin who have excellent stealth, night vision and the ability to fall from high places without getting hurt.

The Cats in "Brutal: Paws of Fury" and Brutal: Above the Claw"

The fighting games featuring anthropomorphic animals included a lion rock star (Prince Leon of Kenya), a cheetah (Tai Cheetah), a panther (Panthra) and a hyperactive cat (brilliantly named Psycho Kitty).

The Cat in "Magical Cat Adventure"

In this side-scrolling arcade platformer, you play a magical cat wandering around a forest with strange weapons.

The Cats in "Mappy"

In the 1983 Namco arcade game, players controlled a mouse named Mappy amidst a mansion full of cats called Meowkies to fetch stolen goods.

The Cats in "Okami"

Celestial brush gods Gekigami (Thunderstorm) and Kabegami (Catwalk) appear in the game as a tiger and white cat, respectively.

The Cats in "Catz"

Take home a virtual kitten and feed it, pet it and love it to your heart's content. You can also dress up your kitty with "cute accessories" but that also borders on animal cruelty if you ask us...

The Cats in "Purr Pals"

See above.

The Cats in "Love Cat Life"

Thought to be the feline follow up to "Nintendogs," "Love Cat Life" is more fantasy-driven than a pet-sim in that you can have your cats sing karaoke.

The Cat in "Rogue Galaxy"

In the the RPG's version of space, pirates don't have parrots on their shoulders -- they have cats. Lead character Jaster Rogue meets a white, fluffy cat who speaks for his master, waving his paws wildly and meowing orders.

The Cats in "Superman Returns"

Battle Lex Luthor? Psssh. In the game based on the movie, the Man of Steel played fireman as he was tasked with saving 100 cats from trees for an Achievement. (We don't know who would ever do that...)

The Lion in "Hail to the Chimp"

In the upcoming election game, when the Lion, King of the Animals, is caught up in a series of embarrassing scandals, he is removed from office so that the other animals have a chance to become Commander-in-Chief.

The Lions in "The Lion King"

The side-scrolling platform game based on the Disney animated movie gave players control of protagonist Simba as a cub and then as an adult to battle his ruthless uncle Scar.

Mr. Mew in "The World Ends With You"

Protagonist Neku may have thought his partner's pal was a pig, but Mr. Mew was definitely a cat. Shiki's constant companion and attacker, this stuffed kitty never left her side.

Got any more to add? Let us know who else should be considered for the greatest cat in video game history!