Konami Lifts Some Restrictions On "MGS4" Reviewers

As of today, Kojima Productions has announced that reviewers can disclose the length of cut-scenes and hard drive installation times in "Metal Gear Solid 4."

Stephen Totilo revealed last week that several outlets were asked to sign NDAs forbidding them from discussing certain topics to play "MGS4" ahead of release.

The news arrives from a letter sent to Kotaku from Kojima Productions assistant producer Ryan Payton. Reviewers are still asked to refrain from discussing specific plot points and not disclose certain product placements (i.e. Apple's iPod).

"As a former writer, I'm proud of the discussion this topic has sparked," he said. "I hope Adam [Sessler], [Stephen Totilo], and everybody else who covered this issue continue to be diligent about restrictions placed on media outlets."

That said, Payton said the restrictions were for the fans. "I do, however, hope gamers can appreciate the efforts we go through to keep them protected from reviewers that could spoil some of the "MGS4" experience," he concluded.

Readers, are you happy with Kojima Production's decision?