Direct From SF: A DJ Mixes, Mashes With Wiimotes

On Saturday, I spent my evening watching someone mix music by waving Wiimotes.

He calls himself DJ WiiJ, and he's part of a larger group called -- wait for it -- Miyamoto. He waves around Wiimotes on stage in transition between tracks.

Miyamoto isn't just the Wiimote waving mixer, either, but an entire stage show of Nintendo-related characters dancing to the beat. Luckily, I brought my camera along.

How does DJing with a Wiimote work? Taken from DJ WiiJ's website:

"Each button on the Wiimote is mapped out to a function on the DJ software. For example, when pressing the A button, you might have it configured to trigger Play. Then you might configure left and right to control the crossfader, up and down pitch bend, B as an effect trigger etc etc. The best part is it is totally customizable! You can even just use 1 Wiimote in one hand and use the other to control a hardware mixer (if you can't get used to fading with a crosspad)."

My girlfriend and I showed up around 10:00 P.M. on Saturday night because we're cheap and wanted the reduced cover. Unfortunately, we screwed up our walking directions and ended up arriving 20 minutes late. The bouncer was nice enough to let it slide.

There were a few hours to kill before Miyamoto. When they did, there was a delay, as they ran into technical complications setting up. The MC did their best to calm the restless -- and completely packed -- crowd from storming the stage in protest. A few minutes later, though, DJ WiiJ and his Miyamoto crew were up and running.

To my disappointment, we weren't treated to several hours of game music slapped to the beat of the latest club hits. Actually, I don't remember there being any game music during the hour we saw DJ WiiJ perform. If you were there, or have seen him perform in the past, maybe you can correct my memory on that one.

But he did play some great music. No one seemed to mind, or even particularly notice, that he was playing with Wiimotes. Princess Peach, Mario, Link and others were on stage and in costume and everyone embraced it. The night wasn't geek-themed, either; these were just regular fans of music mashing.

You could spot the gamers, though. There were several green "1UP" shirts floating around. Other than that, it was a typical Saturday clubbing night.

Mostly typical.


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