Game Diary - May 29, 2008

'The World Ends With You'Since the last entry..

*I was a deadbeat and didn't write a diary entry yesterday.

Then I played more "The World Ends With You," which Yahtzee was underwhelmed with.

He's unimpressed with the story (fair), the divide between narrative and gameplay (fair) and the game's strongly encouraged option for the player to watch and manipulate the action on two screens at once.

Yahtzee says he couldn't handle that system, but I keep telling people something a little different: I couldn't handle it at first either, but liked that a game was asking me to do something I thought I was physically incapable of. And it trained me to do it well enough that I've upped the difficulty to its highest setting.

Games are, among other things, great training tools for teaching a person a new way to use their hands and eyes. I feel like "TWEWY" has helped me evolve. Could I have looked at two things at once before? Well, maybe...

If only more games could teach us new behaviors seldom previously asked of the human mind and body. That's be a good thing, no?

Next: There is a strong possibility that I will play new games between this and the next entry, though I will likely have seen the "Lost" finale and have had a strong reaction. I'm sure the finale all hinges on this year's "Lost" video game. It must.