What Reviews Mean To Developers

'Too Human'Over at MTV News, I filed another story for our Reviews Week spectacular, breaking down some of the basics about what developers think of reviews.

An excerpt:

Reviews may deliver designer notes, but they also deliver dollars. Denis Dyack, the long-tenured president of Silicon Knights, developer of upcoming Xbox 360 game "Too Human," said that a development studio's review scores, or Metacritic average, are one of the key things a publisher will look at before deciding whether to fund the creation of a game and green-light a particular studio's idea and involvement. "That's extremely important in getting a deal with a publisher," he said. "In the development world, you're only as good as your last game. ... There's two ways of determining if you were good: One is through sales, which is the most important one, and the other is through quality of title, which is generally, believe it or not, perceived as Metacritic."

For the rest of this piece, including how developers deal with the pyschological blow of a negative review, check out the full story at MTVNews.com.

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