R.T.F.A.* Friday: Unintentionally Ignoring PSN Downloads

140×1051.jpgWhat happened to "echochrome," that little game the Sony released over a month ago? I know we touch on this subject weekly in 'What We're NOT Playing' but I haven't actually played it since the day I downloaded it. It's easily the best 3-D puzzle game in a very long time, surpassing its' contemporaries like "PQ," and "Cube," but I'm still not playing it. I'm also finding this is happening more and more with the PS3 games I download. They're great games ("Everyday Shooter," "PixelJunk Monsters"), I just never think to turn my PS3 on. I know I'm missing out big time here, but I just always seem to gravitate towards my Xbox 360. Maybe I'll remember to go monochrome this weekend.

Friday's Multiplayer Link Selections:

Jason's Pick:

Game Informer's List Of The Top Ten Video-Game Books Of All Time: One of the best things to do when you aren't playing video games is read.... about video games. This list will get you going in the right direction with classics like (selections from my personal library) The Ultimate History of Video Games, and Game Over.

Tracey's Pick:

The memories of our future: Steampunk in gaming: Ars Technica's Michael Thompson takes a look at Steampunk in pop culture and video games, and wonders why the subgenre isn't as commercially successful.

Stephen's Pick:

Hidden Levels From 'New Super Mario Bros.': Hacker's find the most interesting things. From GameSetWatch [via Press The Buttons].

Patrick's Pick:

In-Game XBM Coming to PS3?: Whether this report is true or not, it's coming, but is it too little, too late?

* R.T.F.A. stands for “Read The Full Article.”