'120 Seconds' Gets "Terminated" On The NES

It may be Movie Awards week at MTV, but it's also Retro Thursday for '120 Seconds', and we came up with the perfect way to bring the two together; with Arnold.

It may have won the very first "Movie of the Year" award at the MTV Movie Awards back in 1992, but "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" did not exactly produce a classic NES game. The movie won a total of six awards that year, but I'm pretty sure the game wasn't nominated for any. Overshadowed by the significantly more flashy (and fun) "T2: The Arcade Game" the NES action-platformer had some of the best bells and whistles (one of best "Game Over" screens ever) for any game on the console, but the gameplay was mediocre at best. You would think that playing as one of the most advanced robots of the future you would be able to withstand more than a couple punches from some bikers.

You can judge for yourself, check out the first '120 Seconds' of "Terminator 2" for the NES.

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