Nintendo of America Not Releasing Any First-Party Games In June, First Month Off In Years


Multiplayer blog readers know that I've been keeping watch on Nintendo of America's June release calendar. I've been waiting for any sign that the publishing giant would announce a first-party Wii or DS game for the sixth month of 2008.

Yesterday, a spokesperson for Nintendo informed me that I didn't need to wait any longer.

In an e-mail I was told:

Nintendo does not, in fact, have any first-party games releasing in June. We continue to enjoy strong third-party support for both Wii and Nintendo DS. In June alone, titles such as "Guitar Hero" for the DS and "Lego Indiana Jones," "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero: Aerosmith are all scheduled to come out for the Wii.

The note went on to remind me that Nintendo has recently released a lot of major software, such as "Mario Kart" and "Wii Fit."

While Microsoft and Sony have often gone months without first-party releases, Nintendo of America has published games on one or more of the company's platforms every month at least since the Wii's launch in November 2006. Nintendo's aggressive publishing schedule had long been a sign of the company's size and will to back a large number of games. It's also demonstrated the company's apparent inability to depend on major third party games to carry its consoles in a given calendar month.

Is Nintendo's first-party-free June a big sign of how much the company has changed? A grand achievement of third-party support?

Or did someone over there just get their calendar pages mixed up?

Note that Nintendo of America has no games dated at all beyond the already-released "Wii Fit," but it's likely that July's E3 conference will change that.

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