R.T.F.A.* Thursday: 'Beyond Good And Evil' Returns

Ubisoft made a whole bunch of announcements yesterday at their Ubidays event, however, I don't think any were as well received as the confirmation that there will be a sequel to "Beyond Good and Evil." Though it wasn't well received by the mainstream, the original has become one of the most acclaimed and under appreciated titles of the last generation, and yesterday's news was music to the ears of the game's fans. While little else was announced about the game (like when to expect it, or what to expect it on) just the fact that it is in development made quite a lot of people happy. Thank you Ubisoft.

Thursday's Multiplayer Links:

Jason's Pick:

Destructoid Review: Playing Columbine: While we don't nessecarily include reviews in the R.T.F.A., this one is a little different. Playing Columbine is a documentary focusing on the controversy that surrounds "Super Columbine Massacre RPG!," as well as video game related violence in general.

Stephen's Pick:

The Real World: Kotaku's Leigh Alexander asks: What kind fo real world connections should game creators, game reporters and gamers want or expect from what they play?

Patrick's Pick:

Ubisoft Reveals "Babies Party" for Wii: There are no words, really.

* R.T.F.A. stands for “Read The Full Article.”