Catch 'Speed Racer' For '120 Seconds'

Who would have imagined that one of the first anime cartoons to break through in the United States would get revived, 40 years after its initial release, by the Wachowski Brothers, only to be nominated for an MTV Movie Award? Nominated for the "Best Summer Movie So Far" award, "Speed Racer" is back in a big way.

While fans of the original "Speed Racer" might be a little upset that the remake doesn’t follow the source material directly, it still makes for a fun movie and a really fun game. Taking inspiration from other racing series such as "F-Zero," "WipEout," and "Burnout," "Speed Racer" handles high speed racing on the Wii surprisingly well. Check out the first '120 Seconds' to see just how fast the Mach 6 can go.

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