XBL Arcade Developer Defends Microsoft's New Delisting Policies

Many gamers have vocalized their disapproval of Microsoft's new delisting policies for Xbox Live Arcade. You might expect developers to feel the same way, especially if they're affected.

Not all of them. Zsolt Kigyossy, managing director at Zen Studios, the developer behind "Rocky And Bullinkle," believes the policies are a step in the right direction -- even though his game's poor reviews put his title in jeopardy.

"I believe XBLA needs to change," Kigyossy told MTV Multiplayer.

"There are simply too many (great and less great) titles on the service," he continued. "The present price point limits the content and the quality of the games made for the service (how much a publisher / developer is willing to spend on a title). As a result MS need to increase the price and limit the selection available."

As a refresher, there are three requirements for delisting: the title has been on the service for at least six months, its Metacritic rating is below 65% and its trial-to-full game conversation rate (not a public number) must be at least 6%. Gamers will receive a three-month notice before a game is removed.

"Rocky And Bullwinkle" currently holds a 36% average review rating on Metacritic. It has only been on the service since April 16, however, so it is not yet eligible for delisting. Kigyossy admitted that "players expected something different from the game, and we have learnt our lesson," but unless stellar reviews pop up in the next few months, it will never pass the 65% threshold.

At the time of our conversation, Kigyossy's biggest concern about the policy change was paying customers not being able to re-download the title after a delisting. Microsoft has since clarified that delisted games are not entirely removed; game owners can download them again, check leaderboards and participate in multiplayer games, etc.

"Frankly, Microsoft is a professional partner to work with," he said. "They have a vision for the Live service, and I am positive they will address any issues. Microsoft owns the XBLA space, ultimately it is their decision what they want to keep, and what not."

What do you make of Microsoft's decision?


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