Game Diary - May 27, 2008

'Lego Indiana Jones'Since the last entry, I...

*Finished "Trauma Center: New Blood" in absurd fashion. I reached the final surgery and failed at it multiple times. I decided the game was too hard. I put the game on my game shelf, resigned that it would join "Final Fantasy X" and "Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door" as games that contain final encounters that I couldn't overcome. A day later, I couldn't deal with leaving the game unfinished, so I took it back off the shelf, consulted GameFAQs to deduce a better strategy. And I beat it.

*Cleared "Secret Agent Clank" but am embargoed from talking about it for a few more weeks.

*Played through two of the three movies that were Lego-ized for "Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures." But mum's the word on that one too until early next week.

*Tried unsuccessfully to unlock new balance games on "Wii Fit." Not sure what I need to do to have the privilege to find out what the penguin game is all about. I ran four miles in the park. For real. That doesn't count?

Next: I return to "The World Ends With You."