Four Key Quotes About Reviews, Honesty And The Meaning Of A Metacritic 85

In the process of interviewing people in the games industry and media about game reviews, I heard all sorts of things. For example:

How a top reviewer thinks...

"'How can I save people money today?' is basically the kind of mentality that I tackle this stuff with."

--Giant Bomb founder and former Gamespot editorial director Jeff Gerstmann


What a Metacritic score of 85 gets a game developer...

"Knowing you got a certain Metacritic score allowed you the chance to take bigger chances… The difference between a 65 and an 85 [is that] with an 85 you have a much broader degree of freedom on your next game."

--Video game producer Pete Wanat, who has worked on "Scarface: The World Is Yours" and "The Chronicles of Riddick"


On whether reviewers get it right...

"This year we also did some research on 'Resistance' after it was released and got very good feedback from players. And it was nice to see players saying what reviewers said, both good and bad. That was cool. It gave me more faith in reviewers' opinions."

--Insomniac Games president Ted Price whose studio is at work on "Resistance 2"


One way reviewers are kept honest…

"When someone would give an 'EverQuest' expansion a 75 percent, I knew immediately I would get an e-mail [from my boss]: 'Find out what this guy did.' I'd say, 'Okay John, this guy played 25 hours. Sorry.' If we got a low score, we would go into the guy's account and look. I guarantee anyone running an online gaming service does that."

--Current Capcom public relations man Chris Kramer, recalling his days at Sony Online Entertainment


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