Music Video Explores Possibility That 'Guitar Hero' Could Help Seduce Mariah Carey

At one minute and 28 seconds into Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body" music video, Jack McBrayer (who plays Kenneth Parcell on "30 Rock") begins to serenade a seductive Carey with the help of "Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock"'s Les Paul peripheral. Is this at all a plausible situation?

McBrayer plays a character not unlike Kenneth in "30 Rock." He works for a fictional computer repair service called Compu Nerd, called to Carey's house to fix...something computer-related. We're never told what; it doesn't matter. "Touch My Body" is a play on a traditional geek fantasy, suggesting that somehow, someway, a geek's favorite hobbies -- "Guitar Hero" included -- could possibly win the affection of someone like her. (We should note that no Mariah Carey songs have ever appeared in a "Guitar Hero" game before.)

In the end, though, it's all in McBrayer's head. Well, except for that exceptionally nerdy modem speed reference dropped by Carey at the end. Maybe she does have a little respect for geeks of the world.

The surprise "Guitar Hero" appearance makes sense, though. Variety (via Joystiq) revealed this morning that Hollywood director Brett Ratner is launching Brett Ratner Brands, an advertising consultant company focused on embedding products into popular culture.

Activision is his first, and currently only, signed client.

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