'Castlevania''s Koji Igarashi Still Not Convinced Wiimote Makes A Good Whip

Castlevania Wii"Castlevania" producer Koji Igarashi is a big fan of whips. He even carries one around with him on occasion. But he won't be making a Wii game centered on a whip. Not yet, anyway.

At last week's Konami media event, I asked Igarashi if he'd made any progress on coming up with a way to make "Castlevania" work on the Wii.

"In regards to using the Wiimote as a whip, I still think it's going to get tiring after a while," he said. "Like I said [in the past], waving the whip around, waving the Wiimote, I still feel the same. But using the Wii, I have been thinking about different ways. I see it as a viable platform, the more and more I think about it."

Sounds like we might have an Igarashi-produced Wii game yet -- even if it doesn't involve taking out Dracula along the way.