Game Diary - May 20, 2008

ShadowrunSince the last entry, I...

*Played a section of "Secret Agent Clank" that I didn't like. But I think I'm still embargoed. So mum's the word.

*And I remembered that over the weekend I also played the multiplayer-only Xbox 360-PC first-person-shooter "Shadowrun." (Two references to the game on this blog in one day!) Got annihilated while playing a session of it on my 360 -- my first-ever session, mind you. I've been told by my friend Matt that I really do need to play this game. He even offered to play it with me. That was six months ago, and I think I need to take him up on it if I want to last in a game longer than 10 seconds. I wonder if "Shadowrun" is a hidden gem. After all, the idea of teleporting through walls in an FPS seems really, really cool and was fun in the tutorial.

Next: I play more "Clank" and hope that I can get something else into the mix so that I don't bore diary readers to tears. I do miss "The World Ends With You," but that wouldn't be diary-fresh either.