Can The First '120 Seconds' Of Troubled PS3 Exclusive 'Haze' Entice You?

Heard about the low reviews for the PlayStation 3 first-person-shooter "Haze"? Not sure if the new game's for you? We're here to help -- a little -- with our daily dose of two-minutes of opening-gameplay footage.The first "120 Seconds" of "Haze" are a perfect example of the rules that are in play for our newest video feature.Aside from being the first two minutes, in order to be included in this feature the player actually has to have control of your character. Prior to this in "Haze," you have camera control, but you are still essentially in a cut-scene initiated by the game. Our two-minute timer starts not when you are dropped into battle, but as soon as you can make choices with your character. For example, if you want to move left, then you can move left.

With these constraints, the first two minutes of character controlled gameplay for the PS3 exclusive title "Haze" actually turns out to be a well orchestrated, glorified cut-scene.

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