Xbox Fan Gets Chance To Make Any Request Of Shane Kim And Says...

Shane Kim ListensI've written about how I had dinner last week with Microsoft Games Studio head Shane Kim, "Gears of War" manage Kudo Tsunoda, Kotaku's Brian Crecente, Joystiq's Chris Grant and Newsweek's N'Gai Croal.

But I haven't yet told you readers about a man named Travis.

Travis is a regular guy who just happened to be at the right restaurant in San Francisco one evening last week. Looking up from his dinner table that fateful night, he spotted the Croal dreadlocks. He noticed Kim and thought he looked kind of familiar, somewhat Microsoft-related. He knew exactly who Crecente was.

Travis took action. He walked up to us. Interrupted us. Tried to figure out who we all were. Wanted to know, kindly, what we were all doing there.

We stonewalled. But I said, "Travis, you're standing in front of two of the top guys involved in Xbox gaming. If you could make any request, what would you like to ask of them?"

And he made the following request of Shane Kim...

Travis asked Kim if Microsoft could please drop the Xbox marketplace points system. He said he wanted to pay real money for his downloadable Xbox 360 content.

Note that he did not complain about games, request a "Crimson Skies" sequel or say a thing about the red ring.

Kim took Travis' two cents (or is that 10 MS points?) under advisement.

I think everyone else was ready for Travis to end his visit, but I wanted one more piece of feedback from him. He was standing in front of Tsunoda, a man in charge of the "Gears of War" franchise. Surely, I suggested, he should seize this opportunity to make a request for that series.

Travis' request: more color.

And with that, our moment of instant-feedback was done. Travis returned to his table, clearly jazzed by the experience to meet the Microsoft guys, Croal and Crecente.

I was just happy to be there. (Grant, too!)