Game Diary - May 19, 2008

'Trauma Center: New Blood'Since the last entry, I...

*Played a ridiculous amount of games.

*At Friday's PlayStation event alone I played "Resistance 2," "Killzone 2," "Little Big Planet," "SOCOM: Confrontation," "Linger In Shadows," "PixelJunk Eden," "MotorStorm: Pacific Rim," "Siren: Blood Curse," and "Buzz" for PS3 and PSP. I'll write blog posts about many of those games throughout the week, but I should record here that two games brought me back for a second-helping: "Linger" and "Eden." The first one because I wanted to understand it more. The second because it's the most fun I had with a co-op game this year.

*Also played some "Secret Agent Clank" on the flight home.

Then, over the weekend, I binged. Scary details follow...

*Finished "Wii Play" and realized that it's.... not a bad game!

*Finished Wii scuba simulator "Endless Ocean" and then still went back for more of what so far has been my favorite sleeper of the year.

*Played one more level of the XBox 360's "Hitman: Blood Money" which had been on my shelf for over a year. I decided that I don't have the patience for easy-failure stealth assassinating, and put the game on my trade-in stack.

*Dabbled in Wii light gun shooter "Target Terror" and decided life was too short for more than one sit-down session (never before have I been so disappointed to win free lives).

*Played a little bit of "Super Smash Bros. Brawl"'s Subspace Emissary for the first time in more than a month, knocked off a few challenges and figured out how to use Captain Olimar at least sort of well.

*Downloaded and failed to understand why Patrick and Jason love the WiiWare game "Defend Your Castle."

*Downloaded and enjoyed 15 minutes with the WiiWare platformer "Lost Winds."

*Finally tried Sega's "Comix Zone," which I downloaded to the Wii months ago, and was reminded that, no matter how clever an old-school game is, I will bail on it if it forces me to replay an entire level just because I fell in a pit near the end.

*And only after all that did I lose myself in the Wii's "Trauma Center: New Blood," the first game in the surgery series that I've played since completing the DS original. I expected it to control better on the DS, but I actually prefer the Wii controls. I don't enjoy the excruciating difficulty, so I downgraded the game to easy and have been having a great time re-building bones, cutting skin grafts and doing no harm. I'm no Rooke Doctor.

Next: Maybe I take a rest and not play anything?