R.T.F.A.* Tuesday: Games + Cartoons = Entertainment?

captain_n.jpgOver the last few years some of the greatest forms of video game entertainment have been re-released for my nostalgic viewing pleasure. I'm talking about great cartoons like "Capatin N," "The Legend of Zelda," and "Super Mario Bros."

Back in the late 80's and early 90's someone had the foresight to weave together two of the most important forms of entertainment to boys and girls (but mostly boys) my age, video games and cartoons. The product of which was often cartoons loosely based on the video games that we spent so many hours playing, when we weren't watching cartoons. Much like the game based movies of today, these cartoons weren't nessecerily "good," but they sure were entertaining. Since these shows have began being re-released on DVD (mostly courtesy of Shout! Factory) I have purchased almost all of them and given them another shot. While nostalgia rules most of my opinions of the shows now, it's still a lot of fun to go back watch some of the cartoons that helped shape my youth. Is there anyone else that has taken the plunge into "classic" video game based cartoons?

Tuesday Multiplayer Links:

Jason's Pick:

"Super Mario World" Like You've Never Seen It Before: This had to take someone a really long time to do.

Stephen's Pick:

The $5 Million E3 Bill: Brian Crecente of Kotaku does the digging and finds out just how much it cost the E3 organizers to not show up at the Los Angeles Convention Center last year.

Tracey's Pick:

5 Million-Piece LEGO Boulder Chases Indy, Crashes Into Car: I'm pretty excited for "LEGO Indiana Jones," but this takes it to a whole new level.

* R.T.F.A. stands for “Read The Full Article.”