'Wii Fit' Takes Over The Nintendo World Store

While there may have been a big event in Central Park celebrating the release of "Wii Fit" yesterday, there was a whole other kind of "event" going on at the Nintendo World Store.

The game was released exclusively at the store yesterday and available for purchase for both those with pre-orders and those without. Multiplayer stopped in there after we checked out the event in Central Park and snapped some pics:

'Wii Fit' Shoppers A Long 'Wii Fit' Line Another Long 'Wii Fit' Line 'Wii Fit' Apparel 'Wii Fit' The Sign Nintendo Store Balcony

Both lines (upstairs and downstairs) were about 45 minutes long. I opted to wait a few more days to pick up the game.

Photos courtesy of Jesse Angelo