Judged By The Cover: 'SingStar,' 'Wii Fit,' 'Haze,' 'Age of Conan' And More

judgedbythecover1.jpgEvery week, a slew of games hits retail shelves.

But gamers can't play every single game that comes out. To help sort out the pile, we sometimes have to do a superficial assessment of a game. Our playtime is that precious.

That's where "Judged by the Cover" comes in. No game, no matter how big or small, is safe from our weekly feature in which we judge games strictly by their cover art. That includes...

singstar.jpg"Singstar" (PS3)

What the Box Tells Us: Hipsters like to do karaoke, and they don't have time for proper haircuts or shaving their faces. Hell, they even wear their sunglasses indoors. To boot, this guy front and center isn't even singing. He's striking a pose for the camera -- already the signs of a true rockstar SingStar. (Side note: I like to think the little guy on his left shoulder is singing Van Halen's "Jump.")

Love It or Leave It: Leave it.

wiifit.jpg"Wii Fit" (Wii)

What the Box Tells Us: Nintendo's accessibility even boils down to the box art. There's a board. You use it with your Wii. For torturous one-legged yoga. I know simple and to-the-point can be good, but I'm bored with this board (sorry).

Love It or Leave It: Leave it.

haze.jpg"Haze" (PS3)

What the Box Tells Us: Pssst. Hey man, there's a hole in your helmet. You might want to get that fixed. There's nothing hazy here except for this guy's judgment. Maybe the one-eyed helmet thing means he's a space pirate. Intriguing, nonetheless.

Love It or Leave It. Love it.

ageofconan.jpg "Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures" (PC)

What the Box Tells Us: A blood-splattered sword over a blood-red background says, "There will be blood." But will there be anything else? We could use a little more imagery on the box next time. Perhaps an image of Conan?

Love It or Leave It: Leave it.

draculaorigin.jpg"Dracula: Origin" (PC)

What the Box Tells Us: Who is this pale, veiny androgynous figure? Is it Dracula? Or one of his victims? Why is it only half of a face on its side? Where are the bats? This box art clearly brings more questions than answers.

Love It or Leave It: Leave it.


Is there a game you'd like us to judge solely by its cover? Let us know.