'Wii Fit' Takes Over Central Park

It seemed like a great day to go play in Central Park. The sun was shining (for the most part), the air was crisp, and the park was brimming with people. Fortunately, Nintendo remembered to bring their Wiis along - 38 of them, hooked up to "Wii Fit" for the public to enjoy.

Nintendo celebrated this week's release of "Wii Fit" by bringing the game to the people, and there's no better place to find people than in Central Park. The southwestern Merchant's Gateentrance was taken over by "Wii Fit" tents, personal trainers and many, many balance boards. It was a great opportunity for people to give the game a shot, outside, in the "fresh" New York City Air.


All of the balance boards that were set up at the kiosks were accompanied by a "trainer" and you could choose what you wanted to play. Most of the screens were focusing on the games that are included on the disc: soccer, hula-hoops, and the high-wire cross. A couple of set-ups showed off the yoga poses in the game.


As an added benefit Nintendo promised to make a donation to the American Heart Association - five dollars for every person that tried the game in the park today.Photos courtesy of Jesse Angelo