Rhythm Game Track Finder Update: More Games On The Horizon

Last week was a big week for Rhythm Games. Konami announced four new titles (three DDRs, and "Rock Revolution"), all of which will make their way into the Rhythm Game Track Finder, but not just yet. While it may have been a big week for game announcements, only the games themselves were announced. The tracks were not, so we don't have anything to add just yet. Keep checking the Track Finder for the latest updates as soon as the songs are announced.

We did update two games with the downloadable content that was released last week. "Rock Band" and "Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore" both saw pay-for-play content available on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Check out the full list of tracks below.

Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore (PS3, Xbox 360) 21 Songs Added

Rock Band (PS3, Xbox 360) 6 Songs Added (Blur's "Beetlebum," Die Toten Hosen's "Hier Kommt Alex," H-BlockX's "Countdown To Insanity," Juli's "Perfekte Welle," Pleymo's "New Wave," Tokio Hotel's "Monsoon," Muse's "Hysteria," Oasis' "Rock N Roll Star," and Les Wampas'"Manu Chao")

As always, go to trackfinder.mtv.com, for all this and more — it’s the definitive search engine for all your music gaming needs.