Developer: 'Little Big Planet' Public Beta Still Possible

'Little Big Planet'Having flipped more times than a freshly hooked fish, the makers of "Little Big Planet" told MTV Multiplayer last week that the public beta for their highly-anticipated game still may happen.

Reports of the public beta's cancellation emanating from an early May Sony event in Europe were labeled a "miscommunication" by the game's technical director Alex Evans from development studio Media Molecule.

Evans had spent 15 minutes stunning me with a demonstration of new "LBP" features all contained in the game's Press Build R18596. I had to ask about whether the public would be getting a hands-on early, or, more specifically, why they wouldn't be.  A public beta had been offered when the game was announced in 2007, but was seemingly nixed of late.

It's not a dead issue, Evans said. He said that the game is currently in private beta and that what the game's team meant to tell the European press is that "There's no public beta now."

I asked if there will be a public beta and he said: "It's a question of how much, how big." He wouldn't give me a definite yes, but it appears once more to be possible.