Sega Ninjas Remind Sega Employees To Keep Their Mouths Shut (pictures)

Virtua Fighter (click for bigger image)While visiting the Sega offices in San Francisco last week, I noticed two arresting pieces of art on company walls.

Both featured ninjas.

But neither one was selling a game. Instead, they were reminding Sega workers to keep quiet about Sega's secrets.

(Click the image at left to see how Shakespeare helped the ninjas make their point.)

These posters were encouraging employees to not be like the people who let all those "Sonic Unleashed" shots permeate the Internet a few weeks ago. 

But surely these images themselves shouldn't be hidden, right? Surely the world must know how it is that Sega secrets remain secret.

Multiplayer readers, I give you: The Official Sega Ninja Keeping-Secrets Posters.

(P.S. Next time I won't use the flash on my camera. I won't even need a motivational poster to remind me.)