Brash Entertainment's 'Saw' Game Isn't Dead, Filmmakers Provide Update

SawOne of the first stories I wrote for MTV Multiplayer was from a Brash Entertainment event, where the Hollywood-focused publisher revealed on a game based on the "Saw" horror series.

Brash has remained quiet on the game's status. As a fan, I even signed up for the mailing list on the official website and haven't received anything about the game or new films -- but now the filmmakers are talking... A little bit, anyway.

Horror site Bloody Disgusting recently spoke with "Saw" film producer Oren Koules, who said the ensuing months of silence are because "heads at the game company [Brash] are not letting us talk too much about it."

We do know a little bit more about the story. The setting is in parallel with the original "Saw" movie and involves more than just escaping an initial trap. Also, the original actors are on board to provide voices as well as the composer. The story is apparently so well done, Koules wishes he could make a movie out of it.

As a self-professed horror fan (I liked the first "Saw" at least), and someone who wishes the industry would make more horror games, I'm liking what I hear. But October 2009 is a long ways away.