'Castlevania''s Koji Igarashi Excited For 'Indiana Jones' Movie, Poses For Multiplayer

Koji IgarashiKoji Igarashi came to America a few weeks too early. He won't have a chance to take in a screening of "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" for some time.

The father of modern "Castlevania" came to Konami's media event in San Francisco last night with a whip in hand to announce the latest Nintendo DS platformer, "Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia." The same whip was at the table where I interviewed him.

With the latest "Indiana Jones" adventure arriving in theaters next week, I asked Igarashi if he was a fan -- he said very much so. Responding with a loud "Ooooooh!" and raised eyebrows, he followed that with a look of disappointment. He's flying back to Japan later this week, so he'll have to wait for the Japanese release.

Sorry, Iga! Look for more with Iga -- including an update on whether he's figured out a way to make "Castlevania" finally work on the Wii -- next week.

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