The Week In Multiplayer -- 'GTA IV,' 'Mario Kart,' 'Fatal Inertia EX,' 'Tecmo Bowl' And... Matt Damon?

gtaiv-statueofhappiness.jpgThis week, "GTA IV" finally came out. We tore ourselves away from the game to give you extensive coverage. Check it out:

* From the soundtrack to underage players to hooker shootings to the price of gas, view all of our "GTA IV" stories here or here.

* Patrick Klepek reported that Matt Damon passed on "The Bourne Conspiracy" game due to its violence as well as other games over the years.

* We revealed that "Fatal Inertia EX" will hit PSN next month.

* Our resident Nintendo fanboy Jason Cipriano wrote Nintendo a letter about his issues with "Mario Kart Wii."

* Nintendo President Satoru Iwata responded to Microsoft's proposed motion controller that we broke last month.

* We got pictures of a horse covered in ping pong balls for the "Age of Conan" mo-cap shoot.

* The pole dancing Wii game is for fitness (of course) and for both men and women alike.

* "Tecmo Bowl" is coming to the DS but without Bo Jackson and the NFL.

* Stephen Totilo looked at the most graphically impressive PS3 game so far.

* Which bird is better? Chocobos and "Zelda" Chickens take the top prize in our year-long search for the Greatest Animal in Video Games.

* Is 50 Cent's new game "In Da Club"? In Sega's "The Club," that is.

* Klepek got his hands on Gamecock's upcoming FPS "Legendary" and his eyes on "Ghostbusters." Plus, "Ghostbusters" developer Terminal Reality reveals that they prefer working on the PS3 first.

* WiiWare developer Nnooo isn't sure how much their game "Pop" should cost.

* Capcom revealed that Nintendo controls the fate of their VC games, including "Bionic Commando."

* Atari founder Nolan Bushnell told us that in-game ads don't work.

* Analysts say the PS2 won't be getting a price drop anytime soon.

* Klepek saw Iron Man in San Francisco but I passed due to "GTA IV."

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