The Week In Multiplayer — ‘GTA IV,’ ‘Mario Kart,’ ‘Fatal Inertia EX,’ ‘Tecmo Bowl’ And… Matt Damon?

This week, “GTA IV” finally came out. We tore ourselves away from the game to give you extensive coverage. Check it out:

* From the soundtrack to underage players to hooker shootings to the price of gas, view all of our “GTA IV” stories here or here.

* Patrick Klepek reported that Matt Damon passed on “The Bourne Conspiracy” game due to its violence as well as other games over the years.

* We revealed that “Fatal Inertia EX” will hit PSN next month.

* Our resident Nintendo fanboy Jason Cipriano wrote Nintendo a letter about his issues with “Mario Kart Wii.”

* Nintendo President Satoru Iwata responded to Microsoft’s proposed motion controller that we broke last month.

* We got pictures of a horse covered in ping pong balls for the “Age of Conan” mo-cap shoot.

* The pole dancing Wii game is for fitness (of course) and for both men and women alike.

* “Tecmo Bowl” is coming to the DS but without Bo Jackson and the NFL.

* Stephen Totilo looked at the most graphically impressive PS3 game so far.

* Which bird is better? Chocobos and “Zelda” Chickens take the top prize in our year-long search for the Greatest Animal in Video Games.

* Is 50 Cent’s new game “In Da Club”? In Sega’s “The Club,” that is.

* Klepek got his hands on Gamecock’s upcoming FPS “Legendary” and his eyes on “Ghostbusters.” Plus, “Ghostbusters” developer Terminal Reality reveals that they prefer working on the PS3 first.

* WiiWare developer Nnooo isn’t sure how much their game “Pop” should cost.

* Capcom revealed that Nintendo controls the fate of their VC games, including “Bionic Commando.”

* Atari founder Nolan Bushnell told us that in-game ads don’t work.

* Analysts say the PS2 won’t be getting a price drop anytime soon.

* Klepek saw Iron Man in San Francisco but I passed due to “GTA IV.”