Wii Pole Dancing Game Intended For Fitness, Fun For Men And Women

poledancingwiigame.jpgA few weeks ago, Peekaboo Pole Dancing, the company behind the Carmen Electra pole dancing kit (the "Electra-pole"), announced that they are seeking a partner to license a pole dancing game for the Wii.

The announcement had many wondering, "Why?" According to Peekaboo, it's all about... exercise.

When I inquired about further details, Simon Kay, a rep for Peekaboo and licensing agency AT New Media told me via e-mail:

"Peekaboo will be all about fun and fitness for a new generation. Peekaboo wants to make the fitness benefits of aerobic pole dancing accessible to millions of Wii users. The goal is to encourage men and women of all shapes and sizes to improve their pole dancing skills while having fun, toning up and burning calories. Ultimately Peekaboo and AT New Media want to do for pole dancing what 'Guitar Hero' did for rock n roll!"

As for the pole peripheral development, the game's ESRB rating and how the game would actually work (we imagine you'd need hands on the pole as well as on controllers), he declined to disclose those details. Kay did claim that the company is already in talks with developers and publishers for the Wii title, though they "will still entertain other third parties."

Additionally, Kay said the game probably won't involve Carmen Electra. When I asked if Electra was ever asked to be involved in the first place, the response was no. But is there a chance she could be involved in the future? "Unlikely... but not impossible," Kay said.

He also said that the company was looking for additional partners for mobile. A mobile phone pole dancing game? We can only wonder.