Tecmo: No Bo Jackson, No NFL For New 'Tecmo Bowl' -- But Still Faithfully Old-School

Tecmo Bowl: KickoffYesterday's announcement of the return of "Tecmo Super Bowl" in the form of "Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff" for the DS was a long time coming. And it sparked several questions that a Tecmo spokesperson answered for me overnight.

First of all, I'm told that this game isn't a new 3D re-invention. It's a classic 2D game.

I've also learned that the game won't include any NFL teams or players, due to EA having the licenses locked up. It won't include retired players either, and that includes "Tecmo Super Bowl" icon Bo Jackson.

The teams in the new DS game will be aligned with the cities from the original "Tecmo Bowl," with a few added to bring the team count to 32. "Although the team names are not NFL, we picked names that fit with the original spirit of 'Tecmo Bowl,'" the company rep told me. Customization features will let players change the team names.

So what should gamers make of this new game? Is it a port? A sequel? Something else?

Take it away, Tecmo rep:

"'Kickoff' is based on the most popular (and everyone's favorite) 'Tecmo Super Bowl' and is not a completely original, new game. However, there are a host of new features in this upcoming version that were not included or were not possible in the earlier versions of 'Tecmo Bowl,' such as customization, stylus control, super-abilities, Wi-Fi and wireless multiplayer. For those who remember and have been itching to play 'Tecmo Super Bowl,' there is no need to bring out the old home consoles – this game is the one you want to play with friends and with your kids."


I never even played "Tecmo Super Bowl." (Sorry James!) So tell me, long-time fans, do you like what you're reading here?