A Call For A Video Game Super-Hero Costume Change

SupermanI was recently IMing with my good friend Justin McElroy of Joystiq.com fame. It turns out that Justin and I share a similar lament. We believe that one of the most exciting parts of a super-hero's life -- the moment he or she needs to duck away from civilian friends and make the costume change into a hero -- is woefully underrepresented in video games.

In fact, in some super-hero games, it's not present at all.

Is there a level in a Superman game in which I have to figure out how to discreetly get Clark Kent out of the Perry White's office so that I can rescue the crashing airplane that only my super-hearing can detect?

Is there a one-button transformation from Bruce Wayne to Batman, from Peter Parker to Spider-Man? Any levels in any games that invite me to play with that transformation in a mixture of stealth and action? (Besides those "Hulk" levels that people tell me weren't so good. Not those.)

I've written about this before, back in July and I will be looking at next week's "Iron Man" game to buck this trend.

But I don't expect it to.

Who agrees that the super-hero costume change needs to become a staple of super-hero video game design? McElroy and I aren't alone on this, are we?