'Mario Kart Wii' Arrives At MTV, Recommends 'Wii Fit'

Mario Kart WiiJust got a copy of "Mario Kart Wii" in the office. Too bad my Wii is at home.

So what can I share with you fine blog readers about a game I can hold but not play?

A few things I learned from unboxing the game:

If I like "Mario Kart Wii," I should also check out "Wii Fit." I do love the pamphlets in game boxes that hype other games. It helps you determine who the publisher thinks their game is really for. In this case, the three games recommended are "Wii Fit," "Mario Strikers Charged" and "Super Mario Galaxy." Two of these games have Mario on the cover. The third has a woman doing yoga. The "Wii Fit" description emphasizes exercise. It does not mention or show that you can use the game to ski.

The Wii Wheel comes with its own instruction manual, which really must be the result of some law. Why else would I need three pages of operating instructions?

Once I take this game online I will immediately have 5000-point skill rating. The manual indicates that the number will diminish if I start losing; will increase if I ever win a match. Interesting idea for online rankings to not start a player off at zero.

You can register people as "Mario Kart" friends without exchanging friend codes -- sometimes. According to the manual's section about the game's online lobbies: "If there are players in the room who are not registered to your friend roster, the Register icon will appear. Select it and press "A" to ask them to register you as a friend. If the other player accepts, you can register each other without exchanging friend codes." That's progress, though I believe this only works in lobbies where you're already playing with registered friends. It's the non-friends who get into those matches who you can befriend, not total strangers who you encounter in the general worldwide match play.

That's all I can figure out without playing this final copy of the game. Hope that's useful! Did I mention the game is rated E and has comic mischief?

OK. OK. I've got nothing left.

(Want to see the Wii Wheel in action? Check out some "Mario Kart Wii" videos we posted a few weeks back.)