The Week In Multiplayer -- A Nintendo Spotlight, ESRB Rating Decisions, And Being A Girl In 'GTA'

Shigeru MiyamotoWhile there was little talk of motion controllers this week at Multiplayer, that didn't stop us from babbling on a whole assortment of other topics…

* Stephen Totilo had a chance to speak with Shigeru Miyamoto, and would only tease what he found out from the gaming luminary, but at least we know "Wii Fit" is a game!

* I reported that the ESRB requires downloadable content to maintain the same content rating as the original game. Then, the ESRB told me that's not exactly true

* After gamers were split on responding to a study presented at the MI6 Conference in San Francisco about whether demos are better than trailers and if marketers should design Achievements, I talked to the guys behind the study and made them defend their findings

* Tracey John quizzed id Software on why they split the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 ports of "Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars" between two different teams

* Stephen find out that "Guitar Hero: Aerosmith" doesn't mean the death of the numbered "Guitar Hero" series

* Harmonix announced the long awaited arrival of full album downloads in "Rock Band," and Stephen had a chance to speak with Harmonix's head honcho about it

* I explained the reason so many companies hold Gamer's Days in April

* Jason Cipriano looked back at Nintendo's original Wiimote trailer to see if Nintendo had fulfilled all of their original promises

* I attended the Nintendo Spring Media Summit and played "Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood," "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed", "Space Invaders Extreme" and "Major League Eating: The Game"

* Jason looked back at Nintendo's Smash Bros DOJO website and wondered whether the constant spoilers were worth it

* We continue to crown the greatest animals in games, this time moving our attention to the birds

* Did you wonder how the developers of "Guitar Hero: On Tour " decided to go with just four buttons Stephen saw the game in person and found out

In an era of "bridge games," Stephen takes a look at where Nintendo will be a year from now

* My last takeaway from THQ's Gamer's Day was finding out I completely agreed with Stephen (oh no!): THQ really does have an amazing Wii lineup for 2008

* Playing as a girl in "Grand Theft Auto IV" isn't as controversial or sexually explosive as you might think

* Even if you didn't like the original "Ninja Gaiden," there might be a good reason to check out the upcoming sequel