R.T.F.A.* Monday: Game On!

tt.jpgAfter a weekend of video games and comic books (two of our most favorite things), it's time to head back to the office and just focus on video games. We're off to attend to another Monday. On the plus side there's only six days until "Mario Kart Wii" is released. If you're wondering how we'll we pass the time? The answer is two words: "Target: Terror." Think about that while you check out today's Multiplayer assorted links:

Jason's Pick

gamedevmap: If you've ever wondered where your favorite games have come from, and I mean geographically, then this map is for you. Also handy for trying to get a job at your local game developer.

Stephen's Pick

Dan Houser Himself: In a rare interview, one of the chief architects of the "Grand Theft Auto" series tells Variety's Ben Fritz why "GTA IV" takes place in Liberty City, why they don't do difficulty levels and just how important "Space Station Silicon Valley" is in the history of video games.

Tracey's Pick

"Gears of War" and "Prototype" Comics: I've still got Comic Con on the brain. These two video game comics were announced late last week and will be published by DC. (I hope the "Gears" comic has a story arc explaining Cole Train's origins. )

Patrick's Pick

Iron Man Confirmed To Appear In New Hulk Movie: I wonder if "Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe" will kick off a new series of franchise cross-overs. Can publishers get over their IP concerns to give the fans a fun thrill ride?

* R.T.F.A. stands for “Read The Full Article.”