Game Diary - April 18, 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4On Thursday I...

*Manipulated "Metal Gear Solid 4" very, very briefly. As in five-minutes-briefly. I watched somebody else play for 45 minutes. Controls were a sensible evolution of the series' previous schemes. Graphics were impressive even for someone who has seen all the trailers and gotten used to the look. Cut-scenes were as spirited, compelling and hilarious (intentionally!) as ever. Still need to read my Non-Disclosure Agreement to see what more I can say and when I can say it.

*Played a tiny bit more of "Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core" (Or is it "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII"). I am hoping that the game won't let me spam the X button to victory the whole time. If it's that easy I can't commit

*Bailed on "Overlord," the "Pikmin"-meets-"Fable" Xbox 360 game that has been a pleasant surprise discovery. So why'd I bail out if I was having fun during my first five or six hours with the game? I saw a report that publisher Codemasters is probably making a sequel. Given the rough edges on this first "Overlord" -- a strange checkpoint system, a lack of an in-game map and, most importantly, controls and A.I. that don't allow the player to effectively guide a diverse group of goblins -- I feel like I should wait for the second draft.

*Fell in love all over again with "Super Stardust HD," thanks to the game's new downloadable expansion. Is there a more impressive use of the PlayStation 3's processing might than the game's new survival mode? [EDIT: I meant "endless mode," which is far more impressive.] At 10 million points, I started seeing a level of detail and frenzy that I had never seen before in a twin stick shooter or anything else.

Next: Back to "Universe At War" and "Super Mario Galaxy" this weekend?