Shigeru Miyamoto MTV Interview Preview: 'Wii Fit' Is Indeed A Game

Miyamoto Interviewed By TotiloI spent an hour yesterday hanging out with Nintendo's star game maker Shigeru Miyamoto for an interview about "Wii Fit" we'll be airing on MTV in the coming weeks (and that you'll get to read about at

We talked a great deal about "Wii Fit," and he gave me and the MTV News crew a fantastic demo of the game.

I had brushed up for the interview by reading everything from the NeoGAF forums to Miyamoto's "Wii Fit" interviews with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. Those Iwata chats are so good because, as Miyamoto told me, the two men have lunch three times a week -- and Satoru Iwata remembers things.

I hope to have more to share from the interview early next week. For now, here's a treat for anyone out there caught up with terms like "non-games."

Me: Do you consider "Wii Fit" a video game?

Miyamoto: Well, yes, in my mind, I would say it is a video game.

I wasn't going to argue with him...

(Look below for one more picture from the interview, also including Nintendo's Bill Trinen translating on the mic)