R.T.F.A.* Friday: NYCC Is Finally Here!

am.jpgIt's been a long week's worth of anticipation, but Friday has finally arrived -- it's the opening day of the third annual New York Comic-Con. Three days of superheroes, games and the geeks that love them. Just as proof that the Multiplayer staff appreciates a good graphic novel, there is a standing debate going on as to who is better: Alan Moore or Grant Morrison? While we are checking out the convention you should totally enjoy today's set of links:

Jason's Pick:

The History of Panzer Dragoon: Gamasutra takes a comprehensive look back at the best dragon-based video game franchises.

Tracey's Pick:

Face Time: Lawrence Kutner and Cheryl Olson: On X-Play, two Ph.Ds (the authors of Grand Theft Childhood) explain that kids who don't play violent video games are more at risk to commit violence. [via Kotaku]

Stephen's Pick:

Batman Vs. Sub Zero?: It's not much to read. But look at the apparent tease of a Mortal Kombat Vs. DC game. This MK site says it's real.

Patrick's Pick:

From Wii Fit to Wii Strip: Well, that didn't take long.

* R.T.F.A. stands for "Read The Full Article."